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Annual Client Meeting Records now Integrated into Advisor360

Beginning Feb. 2, use the Advisor360 CRIA Client Contact module to document annual client meetings.

Why it matters: IA-reps must contact each investment advisory client once every 12 months and document these meetings for periodic review by firm supervisors. Through Wealth Management’s “Making It Easier” initiative, we made this requirement faster and easier by:

  • Eliminating the need to print, scan, and upload documents.
  • Automatically alerting you of future client contact deadlines.
  • Streamlining supervisory review, reducing time by 50-75%.

Instructions for IA-reps:

  • Conduct annual meetings in person, via video conference, or over the phone including an in-depth discussion of the client’s needs and financial situation.
  • Use the Advisor360 CRIA Client Contact module to document annual client meetings, which will ensure that all requirements are captured and stored in Advisor360; scanned uploads are no longer accepted.
  • If a client is unable or unwilling to meet, document attempts, and consider whether an investment advisory relationship is still in the client's best interest, or if a brokerage account is more appropriate.
  • Watch the CRIA Overview (2:52) and review the Reference Guide for more information.



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